A few 2016 fly-Fishing and Wingshooting Pictures

Bow River Rainbow

Hunting and Fly-Fishing is the excuse for being there.The underling reason why you are either standing in a river holding a Fly-Rod or walking behind a couple of English Pointers on some wide open landscape is because you are part or a much larger picture.I Know thats deep but after reading this and pondering my wise words you will wake up tomorrow and go “wow” I get it !Enjoy the pics and have a great 2017!

Duck Hunting _Saskatchewan


Crowsnest Mountain-Alberta

First Snow-BC

Covering a point -Saskatchewan

Saint Mary River B.C.


Front Range -Alberta

Calgary Starbucks stop

Dog Team -Montana

Missouri River -MT

Brown Trout -Missouri River MT

Rise -Missouri River MT

Black Bear -BC

Brown Trout -Alberta

Saskatchewan Hun Hunting

Mearns Quail Hunting _Arizona

Elk River Cutthroat -BC

Male Mearns Quail -Arizona

Arizona Scenery

Elk River B.C.

Author: Dave Brown

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